Top 4 Keys to Client Management in Advertising



Working well with clients is an integral part of the advertising and public relations industry. Check out our top 4 keys to being a strong partner:

4. Saying No To Being a “Yes Man”

An agency’s responsibility to their clients often includes maintaining the brand’s integrity.  When the client has an idea for new creative that isn’t consistent with the brand’s message or takes them off strategy, we believe it’s part of our role to recommend against it. Many times, clients come to us with ideas based on personal inspiration instead of business priorities – we always guide our clients to stay on course to speak to their audience.

3. Ordering à la Carte

When we create integrated, year-long branding campaigns that run on several cylinders at once to achieve a goal, it can be frustrating when requests come to peel away important layers in order to reduce costs.  We strategically build a price structure that supports each element of the campaign, so we highly recommend against breaking apart the campaign to order specific components “à la carte.”  When advertisers design a campaign and media plan, we have a strategic thought process behind it.  If the elements aren’t put in play to work together and strengthen the client’s bottom line, they won’t achieve the desired result.  In fact, we often recommend killing the campaign until the budget can support the full strategy.

2. Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens

Listening to the client’s needs and goals is a critical important part of establishing trust.  That may seem obvious, but when a campaign idea or specific results are challenged, it can be tempting to get defensive.  On the contrary: consider the input and if it’s valid, don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board.  If a campaign wasn’t a hit off the bat, for example, go back and try again. If a client’s goal is to start increasing traffic as soon as possible, for example, find the best medium (or mediums) to help support that goal. Rework the budget and the campaign so the dollars aren’t spread too thin – making the campaign as successful as possible on a tighter budget.

1. Earn trust

Advertising agencies need to be trusted by clients, and that’s a fact.  Many companies are afraid to invest in an agency, as they have fear they’ll lose control of their budget.  We let clients know directly that is not the case. Reputable advertising agencies should act as marketing consultants and advise clients on best practices for their particular brand. It may sound cliché, but agencies aren’t successful unless their clients are.

To hear more on our keys to client management, check out our latest clip on EZG-TV!



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