My Time at EZG: A Reflection


For me, May has been a month of endings. Endings are more acute for me right now, because I am ending my time as a student, putting my years as a senior at Boston University behind me, and closing out my internship at EZG — it’s definitely time for transitions.

I have been extremely fortunate to have been able to spend the last year here at Ebben Zall Group. Last May, I started as an intern with the public relations department and throughout the past year, I have gained extremely valuable skills that helped me grow as a person and as PR practitioner. In fact, while that role is ending, I’ll be taking on new challenges here as an Account Coordinator!

As an intern, I worked on a little bit of everything. Through this experience, my PR edge has been sharpened, and my understanding of a campaign’s tactics has been deepened. It’s funny because before coming to EZG, I never thought I would enjoy working on PR for professional services campaigns, but I have learned that I really enjoy the work we do for that client set.

I was fortunate to have an internship that went beyond churning out news releases or media lists day in and day out. I was trusted to handle my own projects (especially projects involving video and social media). I’ve also enjoyed the creative process we go through when developing our EZG TV videos. Beyond working on editing the videos for EZG TV, I was able to help produce videos for clients. Seeing those videos appear on other publications’ websites made me so proud; it was really gratifying to be able to see the work I helped produce at play.

Throughout my time as an intern, I have increasingly been working to execute social media strategies. I learned that a 140 character tweet appears to be relatively simple, but it takes much more time and effort to write. Learning how to write for social media is a skill that is becoming more important to have as social media’s presence and importance grows, and I can honestly say that I have mastered it over the past year.

I’m sad that my time as an EZG intern is coming to an end, but I’m excited to learn and grow more with EZG in the years ahead. I look forward to growing as a PR professional with the incredible team and clients at EZG – and to writing more about my experiences in PR and the work we do!


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