How The Hit Show Scandal Lit My PR Fire


Some PR practitioners may be naturally born and bred for the industry, others are not. I happen to be one of them-good news for me, all is not lost! After spending years in event marketing and even dabbling in acting and modeling, something happened to me-a popular television show inspired a shift.

Scandal, starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, ignited my curiosity and passion for PR. Watching her act as a fire extinguisher, share stories and form powerful relationships with heavy hitters lit my fire!  Her performance got me thinking, I can be a PR pro too!  A little voice inside my head said, “think outside the box Stacey, and don’t just limit yourself to marketing or modeling. Don’t just consume. Create…” Yes the voice inside my head really said all of that!

After listening to my voice, I recognized three PR touch points: create a story, share the story, track the story. These are just a few of the things I am blessed to do on a daily basis in my position as a Public Relations Account Executive with Ebben Zall Group. Our boutique firm is packed with brilliant individuals who just “get it.” We understand the value of public relations campaigns and leveraging our clients’ goals.  Many are drawn to big powerhouse media, PR and marketing firms, and at EZG I have learned to never underestimate the power of a focused and fun boutique agency. Similar to Pope and Associates, a small group of brilliant people who get the job done well-EZG is home to a tight knit group of people who work well together and get results.

It's handled.

My inner Olivia Pope says, “It’s handled.”

PR and communication professionals all over the world are mastering new skills. More so, modern day television characters featured in Scandal and Mad Men, are representing the industry on a wide scale. These shows are providing a sneak peek inside the industry of people like you and me- the communications pro.  Because of these characters, the general public is now exposed to what we do every day; integrating strategy and creativity for powerful results. .

From the CEO all the way down to the interns, at EZG, one of our goals is to identify our why. We ask, what makes you tick? The natural born storytellers, loud mouths and those who hold eclectic career paths have become more attractive.Those in a position to hire are asking potential employees “what lights your fire?” and brilliant blazing teams are being built because of it.

You and I are fire extinguishers because we create content, we establish credibility, we encourage connections and are master storytellers. We integrate marketing into our PR efforts mixing the traditional with out of the box strategies. All in all, I have noticed our efforts drive new big business.

At least, that’s what’s being done here at Ebben Zall Group and man am I happy to be a part of it.

Did you know ABC’s hot show Scandal was inspired by the real life of PR Pro and Crisis Manager Judy Smith?

Take a look at Barbara Walter’s interview with Judy Smith and tell us how it inspires you @Ebben_Zall 




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