Trust me, I’m in Advertising: Why businesses should trust their advertisers to make smart decisions


In 2009, I made the gutsy decision to go skydiving. I was on the heels of finishing my college career, and was at a turning point in my life.  This turning point caused me to feel daring and invincible, so I did research on skydiving and found a place way out in No-Wheres-Ville Connecticut. When I arrived, the only description I was given about the experience was:

  1. I would watch a 15 minute safety video
  2. I would meet the instructor who would be strapped to me during the tandem-style skydive- that was it.

I watched a 15 minute video on the dangers of skydiving and then I met Bernardo –my skydiving professional. I had known Bernardo for about 3 minutes, barely understood his small talk about what the gorgeous weather (due to his thick accent), and was already being strapped to him in the bed of a pick-up truck on the way to a plane- mind you this is a plane that appeared to be one of the first airplanes ever designed.  After a nerve wracking 20 minute ride in the sky, Bernardo and I jumped through the clouds at 12,000 feet! We free fell for 60 seconds and then parachuted back down to the ground. It was not until the jump was over and the exhilaration had scaled back, that I realized that I had just put my life in Bernardo’s hands.  Bernardo, the man I had just met, was given all my trust to ensure I would make it through my skydiving experience in one piece.

Skydiving Pics

You might be wondering what my anecdote has to do with advertising.  Skydiving, much like advertising, involves a lot of trust, patience, and advice. Recently, a client emailed EZG’s Advertising Director and me asking our opinion on a third party lead generator site.  He began his email by writing I know this really isn’t your job but I’d like your advice. My first thought after reading that line was, of course it’s my job, let me do some research on this site and provide a recommendation. Secondly, I thought about how our client had just given us a huge compliment. He was basically saying that even though this particular website did not provide traditional media tactics, he trusted the EZG advertising team’s knowledge and judgment enough to help him make a decision on whether or not to incorporate this specific strategy into his business plan.

Examples like this one demonstrate the reason trust is so important in advertising.  It’s because businesses have never been more empowered and equipped to know exactly what is going in their companies than they are today. Because data is readily available, a business owner can easily determine the number of visitors to their company’s website, how long the visitors have stayed, and what they are looking for on the site.   Transparency is great because it allows businesses to track the activity to their company’s webpages, but sometimes traditional advertising does not yield the same concrete data.

Sometimes this makes us feel like we’re not trusted but then other times, when we receive emails like the one described; we know our guidance is respected. My advice to business owners who are crunching numbers trying to figure out their ROI on every advertising initiative is, trust your agency. A credible agency will have a customized strategy to fit your business and are cognizant of running your budget in a way that meets your business’ objectives.  Most importantly, they will brainstorm and strategize ways to make your company stand out ahead of competitors.

Your advertising agency should not be seen as an extension of your own business but rather as expert consultants who are helping to raise your brand’s awareness amongst target audiences. Just like when Bernardo and I were strapped together- the relationship between the advertising team and the client is symbiotic. We’re on the same team, have the same interest at heart and are working toward the same goals. And if you currently feel like your agency has you jumping into unknown territories without a parachute, you may want to contact us, I think we can help.



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