Why Do I want Snickers? Because they said so.



I’m hungry, and why should I wait for a meal when I can grab a Snickers? That’s what the famous candy bar’s marketers want consumers to ask.  How do they get us to the question so consistently?

By creating content that hits us in the gut (pun intended). From Starbucks to Bank of America to Nike, major brands heavily rely on the right words to motivate sales and spark brand recognition.  Word choice can be very powerful and ultimately ignite our feelings to connect us with brands on an emotional level.

That’s the heart of it: The right words in branding and marketing campaigns is the “secret sauce” to success.  When it comes to choosing products, this language has the ability to awaken emotions and thoughts that drive purchase decisions and action. Any company that effectively motivates our decisions is sure to have a big impact in our day-to-day lives and an even bigger impact on their bottom lines.  

Efforts around pitching the media, marketing, branding, and content creation share a common goal: wanting to connect with a target audience. Similarly, brands that develop distinct personas in the audience’s mind become the brands that consumers trust. It all boils down to choosing the words that will create a long-term connection. And in PR, we know our clients and readers need to emotionally connect to our words in order to follow through with our desired course of action. Brands may want consumers to feel excited enough for your new product launch to pre-order, and we want you to stay engaged enough to keep reading. 

A mentor once told me, no matter what you do people will always remember how you made them feel.  This rings true for our connections in life, and it rings true for brand management. 

How does your favorite brand make you feel?



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