Holiday Commercials in Review


It wouldn’t be the holiday season without a blog or two about holiday themed commercials. So I have taken it upon myself to write one for EZG. The holidays are a good opportunity for companies to create meaningful commercials that really help add to their marketing campaigns. There are many companies that got it right this year, and then there were a few that didn’t. I have listed one company that I feel got it right (when it came to their holiday advertising) and one that fell short:

Kmart- “Show Your Joe”

In my opinion Kmart’s “Show Your Joe” commercial, although funny, was not an effective advertisement. When creating an advertisement (whether it is for the holiday season or not) it’s important to not only make it memorable but to ensure that the product or service being sold appears in the advertisement, while the audience’s attention is piqued. As noted by a recent Mashable article, during the Kmart “Show Your Joe” commercial “the brand does not appear until late in the ad and by then we’ve laughed and aren’t paying much attention.” Yes, the commercial was hysterical and yes, it did become somewhat of a viral video, but that’s where the creativity ends. The commercial doesn’t tie back to Kmart’s marketing objectives or goals, and, there does not seem to be any real strategy behind it. As advertisers, the best way for us to make commercials memorable and effective is to make sure that the commercial is motivating sales—especially during the holidays. Ultimately, holiday commercials should help to enhance a marketing campaign by creating awareness, not lose the call to action and sales proposition.

Kohl’s- “Holiday Surprise”

Kohl’s really did it right this year. In my opinion this commercial is effective because it showcases Kohl’s holiday product lines while simultaneously pulling at the viewer’s heart strings. The commercial also does a good job of pulling together the holiday theme and the tagline of their marketing campaign which is “expect great things.” The tagline is embodied through the commercial’s plot– a young couple is featured doing great things, which in this case is helping someone in need to enjoy the holiday.

When making a holiday commercial there are a two things to remember: First, make sure that the commercial ties back to the client’s overall marketing campaign—a commercial should never be made just because it’s the holiday season, it should be made to enhance overall advertising goals. Second, a product should be sold in a creative and engaging way. During the holiday season people are inundated with holiday commercials and advertisers have to fight to grab the audience’s attention. While it’s important to be funny, or to evoke emotion, it is also important to make sure that the audience is motivated to purchase the product. Effective brand awareness motivates a target audience to transition from captivated audience to loyal customers.


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