It’s Not Complicated – These Ads Are Fantastic


it's not complicated

AT&T’s It’s Not Complicated advertising campaign has featured some of the most talked about commercials of 2013. For those of you who have not been lucky enough to see them, they showcase hilarious, quick-witted and cute children who are asked the simplest of questions– What’s better: bigger or smaller? Faster or slower? More or less? The answers from the children are usually nonsensical and charming—but the questions are understood. The underlying message delivered through AT&T’s campaign is when consumers use AT&T, they receive a bigger, faster and more easily understood service.

For me, the ads are simply genius. Aside from the fact that they’re hilarious and become more entertaining every time a new ad is released, they’re helping the audience to connect with their brand proposition. One of the reasons that I suspect that the campaign is so successful is because it follows the principle of K.I.S.S.– Keep It Simple Stupid.  And AT&T’s message is just that: our service is superior and the benefits are so obvious that even children can understand.

Cell phone manufacturers and service providers alike have taken different, and often opposing, approaches to advertising. For example, the most recent Android commercial promotes the idea that their phone is the only phone in the world made out of Kevlar Fiber and is five times stronger than steel.  After watching the ad, I had to pause and ask myself: is this an advertisement for a phone or a space ship? I’d like to point out that last week, my iPhone got run over by a car (as seen on Ebben Zall Group’s Facebook page)– the screen completely shattered and it was rendered unfixable. Even after my unfortunate event, I am not swayed to purchase an Android that claims to be Superman—stronger than steel and bullet proof. I simply do not believe the message that they’re selling as I do with AT&T’s commercials.

Although AT&T ads are amusing, the validity of their marketability comes from sales dollars. And they have achieved that validity in the market—since running the campaign, they continue to sign exclusive partnership deals with some of the hottest products on the market and was ranked as the fastest LTE provider in the U.S. by PC Magazine and wireless network research firm Sensorly. In an interview last May with Forbes, AT&T’s CMO David Christopher said that since the It’s Not Complicated campaign launched, brand recall is very high and sales are on the rise. When asked how long the campaign would continue, he said, “We plan on using it as long as it’s working”.  All in all, it seems like congratulations are in order for AT&T.   AT&T has kept viewers entertained, created memorable commercials and increased their revenues. Simply put, through their commercials they have created an uncomplicated route to higher revenues and nationwide brand recognition.

Here are some of my favorite It’s Not Complicated Commercials:


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