Job well done, Groupon!



When it comes to risk-taking, I’m like the majority of people—somewhere in between a loose cannon and a scared-y cat.  But according to the email offers I receive from Groupon, Livingsocial, and Yipit, I’m a daredevil! Well, almost..more like an aspiring daredevil.

I was browsing my personal email account and a promotion from one of my favorite coupon sites came through my inbox —Groupon offered a limited-time skydiving deal in South Boston for 39% off. Normally skydiving is not something that crosses my mind. In fact, anytime I hear that someone has embarked on this adventure I automatically think they’re slightly crazy. Today is different. Today, I want to go skydiving! You might be asking what ignited my excitement over this email.  The answer is: Groupon’s online marketing campaign.

Discount sites are becoming more and more popular among consumers because of their strategic marketing.  Their campaigns zero in on targeting bargain shoppers and thrill seekers alike. The frequency of deals and ease with which a consumer can purchase them keeps people coming back for more. With just a few clicks here and there customers are able to get quality deals. Getting a skydiving coupon in the mail just doesn’t have the same appeal as browsing the deal online. Tracking the number of people who have purchased the deal and watching the timer tick as it counts down till closing period causes me to be intrigued with what they’re offering.  The sense of urgency coupled with the exposure of the deal’s popularity is the perfect recipe to get buyers like me engaged.

Since 2008, Groupon has continued to grow at a fast pace. At the end of 2013, the service reportedly had 41 million customers, and trends suggest that Groupon’s popularity will continue to soar.  Whether or not I’m going to purchase this skydiving deal is still up in the air. I can say however that I sent this deal to multiple friends of mine, so whether I purchase it or not, the promotion still grabbed my attention. Job well done, Groupon! Your marketing campaign drew some new customers to your website—and to skydiving.


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