Hack-a-thon: Burger King and Jeep Edition


As we individuals in the social media atmosphere know, last week two major companies had their Twitter accounts hacked by an anonymous user. On Monday, Burger King was the first to fall victim of the hacking spree, only to be followed by Jeep on Tuesday.  You don’t have to be in PR to know that this was a very bad thing to happen. While most tweets issued by the hacker were comical and provided a few chuckles (i.e.: “we just got sold to McDonalds”, and “If I catch you at Wendy’s we’re fightin”), a lot of the tweets issued by BK and Jeep were obscene and caused some negative attention for the brands’ images.

When BK finally regained access to their account, they immediately updated their profile photo, deleted the imposters tweets, and edited their description which had been changed to “Just got sold to McDonalds because the Whopper flopped” during the hour long frenzy. What they did next was a smart move – they addressed the situation to their followers by issuing this tweet:

BK Tweet

But in this case, I have to ask if negative attention is really only negative? Besides everyone talking about their brands, reports show that BK and Jeep gained thousands of followers on Twitter because of the hacking incidents. Although we are sure the two companies would have preferred not to have been hacked, they can’t deny that the incident got them some free publicity! The entire social media world – as well as real time news outlets – was reporting on each brand’s activity as their crisis management teams attempted to gain control back over the accounts.

While Burger King’s account had only been hacked for a little over an hour, the negative – and ultimately positive – damage had been done. And even though Jeep suffered the same social media crisis the next day, it seems like both brands got the last laugh, or chirp, at the end of the day. With thousands of new fans and followers, Burger King and Jeep had a new audience to influence when it came to their next Twitter campaign!

Jeep and BK convo


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