EZG Puts Its Spin on TODAY


What happens when PR meets the TODAY mob?


With the sun nowhere in sight, Ebben Zall Group’s public relations team set out to investigate when the TODAY show took its “Friday Field Trip” to Boston.  We approached the bustle of people, wires, cameras and lights illuminating the center of Faneuil Hall, armed with two blazing yellow EZG signs toting the classic British slogan, “Keep Calm, I’m in PR.” EZG tested its teamwork to get our sign on air, and shared the results with clients, fans and local industry folk on social media.

TODAY tweeted its Boston appearance less than 24 hours before we stepped onto the cobblestone square.  The ever-vigilant team EZG noticed the buzz immediately on social media and decided on a whim to spend Friday morning as part of the cheering crowd.   Arms stretched to the sky raising our signs, team EZG employed a number of tactics to get captured on camera that morning.  From lifting colleagues up on our shoulders (talk about team building!), to dividing-and-conquering the layout of the show’s crowd barriers, plus squeezing into the place of departing fans, we stayed on our toes for more than two hours, laughing all the time.  A cameo by one of our pooches (the oft blogged about Mo) lent moral support.

When not taking our turn as sign holder (for a thankful hand rest), EZG members worked in some PR charm by engaging media members we spotted and posting live updates on Facebook and Twitter.  We also met other Boston public relations pros, who noticed our sign and laughed heartily.  Seems like TODAY was the place to be for our industry.

When the show wrapped, we shared our experience on social media – it’s always entertaining to see how traditional media and social media weave together.  We received a round of great commentary from clients (thank you!), responses from media, and follows from PRSA Boston and Boston.com.

Ebben Zall Group’s mix of team morale and social media savvy made this mini-outing a forum for creativity and camaraderie.  And we thank our clients and colleagues for putting up with our playful side!


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