Duck Tours for Valentine’s Day: Extend your brand’s season with social media


During the holidays, aisles, checkout counters, even outdoor POP are overwhelmingly filled with holiday goodies. With marketing gimmicks right in your face, it’s almost impossible to walk out of a store right now without snatching up a Valentine’s Day chocolate. But what about when the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has died down and the pop-Halloween store no longer exists…is there still a market for witch costumes and bunny stuffed animals?

There’s no question that seasonal businesses take a hit during the off-season. People get grumpy when a Christmas tune is played too early or upset when Halloween costumes pop up without proper adjustment to Fall. With a small shift in marketing approach and implementing a strong social media strategy, seasonal businesses can coast along till the appropriate season begins.

Word-of-mouth is one of the top ways to increase brand awareness. Social Commerce Today recently reported that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising. With social media as one of – if not – the top conversation starters between businesses and customers, it is important for seasonal companies to use this tool to leverage campaigns year-round in an effort to attract and engage new and old customers. As social media continues to advance, frequency of customer engagement advances as well. Companies who sit back during the off season lose momentum and, most importantly, business. Forbes explains that “unlike traditional marketing, social media gives brands a chance to interact directly and immediately with their customers,” stressing the importance of communication urgency and consistency.

A prime example of a seasonal company successfully marketing year-round with social media is Boston’s very own Boston Duck Tours. From a quick glance at their Twitter feed, this company is staying up-to -date with relevant news about their industry and engaging with their followers, even in February! Whether it’s off season or in the midst of seasonal buzz…communicate! boston duck logo


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