Super Bowl 2013: The Anticipation of Ads


Here in Boston, football fever is high as the New England Patriots are still a contender for Super Bowl XLVII.  As #TB12 and Belichick prepare to lead the Pats through the playoffs – and to the Superdome in February – big brands are getting ready for the commercials they’ll air during the game. With 111.3 million viewers tuned into last year’s game, it’s a no-brainer for companies to advertise during this event.

On Tuesday, The New York Times reported that advertisers looking to buy commercial space may be out of luck because airtime has already been “sold out” according to CBS CEO Leslie Moonves. However, for a few big bucks (errr, five or six million), Moonves says CBS “will find room.”

In between snacking on endless dips and finger foods, you’ll be sure to see commercials of alcoholic beverages, food, and cars. One company making their presence during Super Bowl commercials is Chrysler. For the past two Super Bowls they have had attention-grabbing commercials, lasting longer than the usual thirty-second spots that other brands used. In 2011, Chrysler’s ad “Imported from Detroit” – which featured rapper Eminem – hinted at the revival of U.S. automakers. In 2012 they held another two-minute ad narrated by actor Clint Eastwood titled “It’s Halftime America”, which gives a hope filled message about our citizens overcoming economic hardships.

As influential as Chryslers ads were, I have to wonder if the longer ads really make a bigger splash as their usual thirty-second counterparts, or do they lose their impact and likeability because viewers just want to see the next commercial? This year Taco Bell is stepping out of their comfort zone with a sixty-second ad, and is one of the only non-car brands scheduled for a longer spot. Besides the longer ads, brands also know to pull on a few heart strings when creating their commercials. A usual trend in Super Bowl commercials is babies and dogs. Brands know that viewers cannot resist the cuteness of both, so tying them into the ads is a way to keep viewers glued to the T.V. and a way for them to remember their commercials in the long run.

This year, we can expect to see some returning favorites like Coca-Cola, Doritos, Audi, and M&M’s, but for the full list of Super Bowl commercial announcements, click here.

While we cheer on our teams (unfortunately the Steelers are out of playoff contention) to victory in hopes they make it all the way to the Super Bowl, let’s take a look at some of our favorite 2012 Super Bowl Commercials:



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