Nostalgia in the New Year


While ushering in 2013 this week, no doubt you’ve experienced some level of nostalgia.  Reflecting on your most heartfelt events of 2012, best moments of years past, or who you’ve spent New Year’s Eve with in all the years between – it’s time for misty water-colored memories.  And since nostalgia can psychologically prompt consumers to buy products reminiscent of the good ol’ days, it’s the perfect time for “everything old is new again” advertising, public relations and marketing campaigns.gatsbyfilm

According to Psychology Today, nostalgia promotes well-being and a feeling of belonging, and can be induced by showing consumers the music, cars, fashion and movies that shaped their younger identities.  Even if the nostalgic ingredient has no linear relationship to the product for sale, the recollection can still stir up those feelings of warmth and hope, prompting consumer action.

Two days into the New Year, we’ve seen Cookie Monster appear as Google Play’s new spokespuppet.  In our opinion, Sesame Street nostalgia is nearly irresistible.

Herbal Essence, releasing two classic scents that were available from 1995 to 2006 in retrofitted bottles, is aiming “to re-create the impact of the original campaign that resonated so strongly with women in the Nineties but with a modern sensibility”.

Of course, aiming a promotion or ad campaign only at the nostalgia crowd won’t bring on new consumers.  Creative marketing will also draw in people of more diverse ages and backgrounds.  For example, the publicists behind the film The Great Gatsby announced on January 2 that hip-hop icon Jay-Z is composing the score.  While the movie won’t be released until later this spring, it looks like theaters may now be filled with fans of both flappers and rappers.

Here’s to a jolly retro 2013!


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