Marketing for a Man’s Best Friend: Holiday Edition


photoThe holidays are a time to shower those we love with gifts, appreciation, compassion, even tasty sugar cookies. Witnessing the smile and joy that these small acts of kindness bring to others makes our day a little bit brighter. For pet owners, this spirit of indulgence extends even further. It should come as no surprise that seeing my 1-year-old Yorkie-Poo’s tail wagging uncontrollably makes my day a whole lot brighter. Enter the holidays.

I’ve been gearing up for Mo’s first Christmas for about a month now. First came the monogrammed stocking, which is currently hanging proudly in my family’s home. Next was the roommate Christmas card featuring Mo as the highlight. Lastly came a trip to Petco where I was overwhelmed with holiday options. A Santa suit, red and green candy cane bones, reindeer toys–where do I even begin? It’s safe to say I spent at least an hour wandering the aisles picking up and putting down what I hoped to be the perfect Christmas gift.

Consumer’s passion for pets is emphasized during the holidays. A recent CNBC article explains, “despite the uncertain state of the economy there is a standout group of big spenders this holiday season: pet owners.”  The article continues to state that pet owners will spend on average $5 billion on their pets during the holiday season. Even when it comes to travel, pet owners have the option to take their beloved pets with them. PetPaws for example – a pet transportation system designed by Jet Blue – makes it easy and safe to travel with your pet during the holidays (of course with the appropriate petiquette!).

Businesses waste no time targeting this special group. During the holiday season, companies like PetSmart and Petco market with holiday coupons sent months in advance, holiday treats and attire for all sizes, and comical holiday commercials. Only time will tell how this trend will evolve with new and crazier marketing tactics.

All members of the family deserve a little extra something during the holidays, 14 lb. Yorkie-Poos included.

Ho Ho Ho from Mo Mo Mo!


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