I want my political multimedia, and I want it now!


President Obama and Governor Mitt, color me disappointed.   Here we stand, a scant four weeks from the election, and my bold prediction from January is falling flat on its face.  A) I don’t like being wrong, and B), I especially don’t like being wrong due to the laziness of Presidential candidates.

I thought by this time we would have seen some outstanding multimedia strategies unwinding from the campaigns.  As far as I can tell, though, it’s Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube videos.  Where is the creativity from these mass marketers to end all mass marketers?

Seeing how the year has unfolded, I thought the campaigns would focus more on mobile.  But search “Obama” in the App store and we’re treated to a bunch of cartoonish satirical apps, official White House news, and a Campaign 2012 app that simply aggregates news from the campaign.  Try “Romney” and the results are much sadder: we see the Obama  apps, Drudge Report, and something called “Proud Republican.”

What’s the deal?

So many possibilities: how about a “fact checker” app for each campaign stop, providing supporting data for points made while stumping?  Or a Campaign Tracker that shows the story as it unfolds and allows purchasers to divert 99 cents to the campaign?

There is still time to make this interesting.  If anyone has ideas on how to spur on some creativity among the campaigns, I’m all ears. If you need me I’ll be playing the “Obama vs. Romney” iPad trivia and policy quiz.  Maybe the answer’s in there somewhere…

Regarding my prediction, I think Fonzie says it best below.


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