Housewife non Grata


From a public relations standpoint, it’s vital to display your image in the best light possible. In the consumer industry, one fault can tarnish a positive image that took so long to build. We’ve seen it happen in several instances, for example the Wendy’s and Drew Barrymore PR blunders. We’ve also seen these brands and socialists rebuild and persevere.

Remember when Teresa Guidice was once queen bee of Real House Wives of New Jersey? For those of you not up to speed on RHONJ star Teresa Giudice, here is a quick run down…Teresa formerly ran the show. She called the shots, flipped dinner tables over, and “admirably” wreaked havoc at charity events. Fast forward to today where Teresa is no longer speaking to a single cast member and is currently in about $8 million dollars worth of debt with her husband. Let’s face it– this woman needs help!

Teresa is under the scrutiny of media 24/7. Her daily actions continue to taint her image. Teresa’s biggest problem? Denial. She denies being in debt, infidelities, and simple matters of he said she said. She uses twitter as a platform to reach her audience and deny, deny, deny. Instead, Teresa should be thoughtfully and carefully addressing the scrutiny of viewers- PR crisis 101. Teresa is not just a reality TV star. She has a husband to support and kids to plan a future for. It is time for Teresa to adhere to proper public relations guidance, and once again come out on top.

Rebranding her image and gaining positive visibility within the media is key. Most recently, Teresa has produced a line of Bellini cocktails, a second cook book, and a new hair product line, Milania. In April, Teresa made a public apology to her castmates and frenemies, insisting that she misses her friends and family. Two steps in the right direction and hopefully not too little too late. It’s time for Teresa to go into brand image overhaul and react to media blunders in a timely and truthful manner.


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