From the EZG Intern Desk: Modern Tips for Nabbing an Internship


Ebben Zall Group’s Summer Intern, Emily Bloom:

It’s no secret that one of the most important qualities companies look for in an employee is work experience. When applying for a professional job post-graduation, an internship is usually the only experience a graduate will have. Universities try to help students find internships by creating career centers and sending mass-email listings, but does anyone actually use these anymore?

As Ebben Zall Group’s public relations intern and a current college student, I can attest that after visiting the career center at my school once, I have no intentions of returning.  At my large university, each school sends weekly emails with internship opportunities. But because most positions are located in the university’s immediate surrounding areas, while my search parameters are hundreds of miles away and closer to home, I find myself deleting them without opening. I don’t use my school’s internship resources, yet I still have a summer internship.

That’s because students like me are finding themselves using the Internet to be the most powerful tool for finding internships. A simple Google search can link students to new websites with internship postings in their area. Databases like allow students to search for positions based on major, location and the name of a company, if applicable. The website even has an internship predictor to help students find a role based on their skills.

Other sites cater towards students interested in an internship experience in a different city. With resources all around the world, Dream Careers’ Global Internship Program helps students find internships in their city of choice, plus a place to stay for the summer.

With so many resources made readily available to students on the Web, universities career centers need to take a similar direction. All career center resources should to be moved online, which will in turn make it easier to expand their database of internships to more efficiently serve students relocating beyond the school district. By putting the vast resources of their career centers at their students’ fingertips, universities can better fill their commitment to provide students the pathway to bright, successful careers.

Students are also relying more on connections and networking to find internships on the Internet. LinkedIn allows students to connect with school alumni and professionals in their field of interest. Building a network allows students to hear of job positions and receive recommendations from professionals in their field. Networking can also help with building connections. It is popular nowadays to reach out to family and friends for help with finding an internship. A few well-written emails with your skills and interests and request for a recommendation can help internship-hunting tremendously. With so many college students applying for internships, a connection will always help you stand out from other online applicants, and will help you secure an interview.

Times have changed and many college students expect almost everything to be online. We applied to college online, got accepted to college online and see grades online, so of course we want to find internships online.  Whether it is through a university’s career center, online databases or personal networking, the World Wide Web allows students to access internship opportunities like never before.



One Response to “From the EZG Intern Desk: Modern Tips for Nabbing an Internship”

  1. Carolyn W Says:

    Great post, Emily. It’s very frustrating to hear about antiquated approaches to an important service, which I’m sure is paid for by ever-increasing student fees, but you offered some really helpful resources.

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