Marketing for Man’s Best Friend


I’ll be the first to admit, I’d do just about anything for my 9 month old Yorkie-Poo, Mo. She whimpers, I react. She rolls over, I scratch. Most dog owners treat their beloved pet as family. We shower them with gifts, treats, toys, even clothes. We show them unconditional love and the feeling is returned. Simply put, they win our hearts over instantaneously from the moment they enter our home.

A 2011 study shows that on average, a pet owner spends $10,377 in their lifetime on food alone. This number may seem incredibly high at a glance, but to a dog lover a numeric value cannot be placed on our pets.

Marketers know this bond well and are targeting this special group. Nothing is too good for your best friend, right?  Gyms specialized for dogs are popping up in NYC, and online shopping for pets is just as easy as online shopping for humans.  Not only are services for dogs being advertised, but dogs are featured in ads that try to connect to the mindset of dog lovers.

Quite frankly, it works. The U.S. Pet Market Outlook 2011-2012 expects that annual sales rate will increase by nearly 6% in 2012, reaching $61.4 billion.

Given people’s passion for their pets (in my case Mo!), it’s an industry that will continue to flourish despite the volatile economy. Call us crazy or call us brilliant, we have one goal in mind: wag more bark less.


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