PR’s All-Star Break


This week is Major League Baseball’s All-Star Break.  The Home Run Derby’s been hit (congrats to Prince Fielder) and the Midsummer Classic between National and American Leagues yielded its 2012 winner (hats off to the NL).

Catch us if you can!

But this unofficial halftime also signals a feat more esoteric -the season slump turnaround.  When the All-Star Game arrives, there’s still time for struggling ball clubs to reverse their momentum through hard work and, well, faith to earn a winning record.  This is the time to study, tweak and reinvigorate.  Devise creative plays, test new pitching and hitting techniques and hone critical skills. Enter new strategies, new attitudes, and, often, new players.

Winning teams are also wise to use the All-Star Break to hone their successful strategies and map out the road a play-off appearance.

What can public relations professionals learn from the MLB?  Make the most of your summer!  The year’s halfway point shines with the attitude of endless possibilities, so put it to work for your business.

Here are just a few tips…aaaand BREAK!

1. Facetime with media.  Summer news cycle is a great time to invite a reporter to lunch, or simply drop in at the news station for an informal hello to a producer.  But do your day-of  homework – there might be breaking news!

2.  Plan, plan, plan!  Now is when you should be organizing account activity calendars, booking speaking events for clients, gathering editorial calendars, securing talent for winter events, creating social media pages and, of course, keeping your eyes peeled for new opportunities.

3. Experiment for success.  Venture out of your comfort zone this summer to improve your PR skills.  Explore a sector you’re passionate about.  Take a class on a subject you honestly know you must improve – social media, technical writing, public speaking, graphic design, etc.  Experiment with new styles of media pitching in both your writing and speech to find what really works.  Become a mentor/mentee to someone in your firm and you’ll benefit professionally either way.


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