The Impact of Nora Ephron


On Tuesday, June 26, 2012, the world lost a magnificent writer who excelled in every aspect that writing (and life) had to offer. Nora Ephron, the infamous creator of some of the world’s best Rom-Coms passed away, but not without leaving her mark on those left behind. Most notably, she embodied the Carpe Diem mentality and applied it to her work and her life.

Most of you know Nora for her films like You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, and my all time favorite movie, When Harry Met Sally.  They portrayed the story of men and women, their differences in communication, and how they look at the world. She was the mastermind behind scripts filled with hilarious quotes and scenarios that left audiences glued to the screens.

She always had an interesting outlook.  Discussing her journalism career with CBS’s Charlie Rose she joked, ‘Journalism is the greatest job. I loved it. I think it is a fantastic job. Now I kind of look back on it the way you look back on someone you were once in love with that you bump into and you think, what did I ever see in him?’

As a public relations professional, I truly aspire to excel in writing as much as Nora did, and I know others in the industry can apply her communication skills to their work as well.

When analyzing her ‘why wait’ mentality, I realized this also applies to public relations. Why wait for your writing to get better?  Practice, research and review, and make it better! Don’t wait to perfect your style – find your voice now.  Take advantage of every resource available to make yourself a better PR guru. Every day is an opportunity to hone your skills and become better at what you do.

Now, I have not read all of her essays or books, but this is something on my bucket list. Nora Ephron was a woman of many talents and compiled incredible wisdom throughout her years. I plan to soak up as many life and writing lessons as I can from a source that truly shined in every form.


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