The Warrior in EZG


This past Sunday in Thompson, CT., I got my first taste of the Warrior Dash race with my co-workers, Maria, Lindsay, and Marianna — what an experience, and what a way to realize how well we work together!

Warrior Dash is the world’s largest running series which, consists of 12 challenging obstacles throughout a 3.1 mile course. Let the games begin…

After gearing up for a couple of months mentally, we woke up Sunday morning ready to hit the ground running. After some 90’s pump up music during the hour long car ride, black warrior face paint, and EZG team outfits, we were ready to ‘get-er-done.’ As we pulled up to the race listening to AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell,” we immediately blended in with the sea of participants. Walking by the fire blazing obstacle as we made our way to the registration booth, our EZG identity was slowly slipping away from us. I’d be lying if I said say we weren’t officially scared..

Fast forward roughly 52 minutes later and we were covered in mud from head to toe, making our way to the finish line. Not only was the race already over, but it was an absolute success.

The first thing I learned from this experience was teamwork. Our EZG identity was never lost in the sea of fellow warriors, it was only reaffirmed. Whether we were cheering on our girl Lindsay to reach a couple inches taller to grab a dangling piece of rope above her head (height really played an advantage for this course) or we were getting sucked into the mud arm in arm, we stuck together. We finished the race holding hands with smiles from ear to ear. We started as a team and ended as a team.

This is what EZG is really about. Each member here is incredibly valuable, and when working together, we’re completely unstoppable.

For more photos of Warrior Dash, check out our Facebook album!



2 Responses to “The Warrior in EZG”

  1. Jack Tatelman Says:

    We who stood on the sidelines drinking our Miller Lites salute you!

  2. Soup, sincerity, and social media « Says:

    […] thanks to EZG's Jenn Tatelman for lending firsthand insight to this post.  She is an absolute warrior.] Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailPrintLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

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