Facebook’s Got My Kidney


Social media giant Facebook is upping its game, having announced that users will be able to do more than share photos, update a status, or ‘check in’ that you have just arrived at your favorite winery with your besties. Through a new partnership with Donate Life America, Facebook users can help save lives by registering to become organ, eye and tissue donors.

Over the past eight years, Facebook has grown into a channel that reaches all shapes and sizes of audiences, truly taking on a life of its own.   This time, it is venturing into the public health space as it raises awareness about organ donations. According to Organdonor.gov, an average of eighteen people die each day waiting for an organ transplant, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is hoping this new partnership with Donate Life America will change those statistics. In an interview with ABC News, Zuckerberg explains how and why this initiative came about….he notes that:

We never could have anticipated that what started as a small network would evolve into such a powerful tool for communication and problem solving. As this happens, we hope to build tools that help people transform the way we all solve worldwide social problems.

Zuckerberg is optimistic that with the influential power of social media, users will register to become donors while sharing their story on their timeline, causing a ripple effect. And that it did. Within one day of this new tool being available on Facebook, ten states reported an instant increase in volunteer donors. So there you have it; the impact of social media at its finest!

Of course, it can’t be as simple as Zuckerberg’s passion for healthcare, right – we have to wonder what Facebook gets out of this. I think this is Facebook’s way of reinventing their brand and their purpose. It is not just a site to write on someone’s wall or tag a photo. It’s becoming something more. Facebook’s original audience is getting older, wiser, and more world weary – and Facebook will look for ways to do the same.

Here’s Mr Zuck’s full interview:


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