Digital Innovation is ‘Bruin’ in the NHL


If you missed the launch of the Boston Bruins Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) last week, it’s time to come out of hibernation. The Bruins Bear is back, topping his own fan etiquette campaign from last seasonwith his new series of shorts called, “The Bear and the Gang”. But this 1980’s style sitcom is just one of the many hilariously funny features showcased on the “portal”, The Bruins DEN.

The Bruins DEN is the organization’s effort to consolidate their digital and social content under one umbrella. Through this network, fans can connect to the Bruins through many avenues of social media including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Fans can also upload their favorite Bruins fan photos via Instagram, view the “The Bear and the Gang”, and compete in the Bruins Fantasy Challenge, all from one centralized location. The most significant feature of the Bruins DEN is its new mobile app, which has been made available on the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

While the Bruins DEN website provide an easily accessible venue for all things Bruins, the app does all that and more. Fans can view team stats, get updates on current games, and even purchase tickets on the fly. This initiative is truly innovative for professional sports teams, both providing valuable content for fans and also creating new, more effective opportunities for sponsors. “Our fans are on the receiving end of great content that is accessible through all of the digital channels that they use and is distributed in a streamlined, organized fashion,” says Amy Latimer, Bruins Senior VP of Marketing and Sales. “Our corporate partners now have the ability to reach more than 2.5 million unique Bruins fans per month while aligning their brand with compelling content in a manner that is fan friendly.”

In our humble opinion, this umbrella is a clear indication that the Bruins understand their audience. Sports teams don’t always have a specific following, where they can narrow down exactly who sits in the stands or watches on television. Most likely, team fans are all different ages, ethnicities, classes, and personalities. The Bruins seem to recognize that some of their fans prefer to just read stats, while others want to post photos of their friends all wearing Bruins gear in Montreal. Each of their fans prefers to connect to the brand/team in a different way, and fortunately the Bruins DEN is just a more accessible way to do so. Let’s see how many teams follow their lead and what success this will bring to sponsors, as well as the team. Perhaps the unified support will bring the black and gold another….. well let’s just wait and see!


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2 Responses to “Digital Innovation is ‘Bruin’ in the NHL”

  1. Charles Says:

    One the catchier titles I have seen in a while – got my attention! The B’s franchise really has done a good job recently of appealing to a broader demographic. Hockey is definitely cool right now. Being an informed B’s fan is even cooler.

  2. Lindsay Pelzar Says:

    Thank you Charles – You’re right, it is a great time to follow Bruins hockey and not just for Tim Thomas’s incredible saves! The Bruins are really taking the concept of being a “fan” to the next level. I am really looking forward to seeing how the DEN evolves throughout the playoffs. Go B’s!

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