Running on Social Time


“A failure to adapt is the failure to survive.”

I often worry about my mom. I watch as she frantically swipes her iPhone to pick up a call.  Her inbox hasn’t been checked since her email was created and ordering online is a foreign concept. I would love to let her in on a little secret…”Hey Mom, it’s time to get with the times!”  Whenever I mention something remotely about integrating tidbits of social technology into her life, my mom’s stubborn self steers away. She can’t seem to wrap her head around adapting to this phenomenon.

Exactly what are “the times” and why am I so concerned about my mom’s unwillingness to adapt? The times are social. Communication through various social technologies has become so mainstream, it is now a critical part of our daily routine for  interacting with the world around us. According to a recent article in Forbes, Jeff Dachis, CEO of Dachis Group states, “social is the currency of engagement.” Social plays such a vital role in how we behave that it’s permeated the business market – and companies are jumping on board, for fear of being the odd one out.

If social is the new currency, than the combination of social and business is a real game changer. Companies are just on the cusp of realizing the importance of being constantly engaged with their audiences, which gives them leverage to solve real business problems while staying just a few seconds ahead of the game.

Today, our culture is a full-time presence within the business world. Today, we are all connected. A great business example of this assimilation is the popular fast food chain, Chick-Fil-A, which recently announced it  exceeded four billion dollars in annual sales in 2011. Their commitment to social which, ranges from their promotions and marketing strategy, charisma in social media, charitable donations, and overall Sunday good graces, has placed them in a position of not only thriving in sales, but overall social buzz.

It takes time and energy to actively engage in social, and I understand that in my mom’s case, she feels she just doesn’t have either. Luckily for her, she can get away with this lifestyle and misunderstanding its real value because of her contagious charm. But truth be said, she’s at a disadvantage. The importance of businesses integrating social into their daily business strategy is key to adaptation and failure to do so will leave recognized businesses well behind, even extinct. Our culture expects nothing less than easily accessible information at a moment’s notice. There’s no time like the present to get with the times.


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