Generation Y: Constantly and Comfortably Connected


As a member of Generation Y  with a knack for Public Relations, I’m a natural communication wizard (of course). Some might refer to Gen-Y as the Millennials, Generation Next, or Echo Boomers. I like to call us the “Connected Generation:”    our ability to be in a million different places at once by staying Constantly and Comfortably Connected is a tremendous help (the three C’s) in this line of work.

Gen-Y feels the real need to be connected at all times, armed with Ipads, Iphones, and Blackberrys in inconspicuous places. Whether it’s constantly checking our twitter feed, shooting off a quick email, or Skyping across the world, we can be reached at a moment’s notice. Often referred to as multitaskers with boundless energy, one observer notes, “the instant communication framework Gen-Y developed…have engendered a mindset that necessitates constant communication with others. That mindset has carried over into the workplace.” Gen-Y is always looking to increase their communication web within the workforce but, rest assured, Gen-Y communicates effectively and diligently. Not only do we follow through with our communication, but we adeptly juggle and maintain connections made–a key distinction.  While understanding the tremendous value of Gen-Y’s natural connectivity, we never lose sight of the importance of face to face interaction, and just how effective personal touch can be.

These connective criteria came into focus this week at a conference about the future of banking services and financial marketing, where the seminar that stood out most was “The Next Generation of Banking.” The specific financial company represented founded an entirely new model of banking, taking full advantage of the digitization of banking and virtually creating a banking model that is entirely paperless. The Chief Executive Officer is of course, a member of Gen-Y, able to capture the value of the three C’s to create an exciting and engaging environment for people to interact with their money on a daily basis.

What does all this mean from a Public Relations standpoint? The Connected Generation is eager and ready to get the job done with information just resting at their fingertips.  In fact, we’re so comfortable engaging in constant communication, we could send an intelligent email in our sleep. A recent ABC News report suggests that texting while sleeping is actually a growing concern (we’ll try to hold off on the 2am emails). Bottom line: Gen-Y combines its real world connectedness with its work, making us a natural fit for managing the right message through the right communication channels as fundamental pieces of good PR. Simply put, we’ve got fresh ideas and the drive to get them out there!


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