Touchdown Dance: 3 Key Elements To A Successful PR Event


Coming off a highly successful client event in the annual Flutie Bowl, I had to stop and reflect on how our team preparation, media work, and straight up good timing turned into an outstanding evening.  I thought I’d enjoy the moment and go through 3 key elements that led to the successful public relations execution.

Confucius once said “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” The man couldn’t be more right! Preparation was key element number one. It is important to have all your ducks in a row and our PR team spent weeks creating a targeted press release that would play to the Boston media, locating and building media lists of the right contacts, and reaching out personally to speak with them.

As you all know, the Pats are in Indy getting ready for the biggest game of their season – and the Flutie event was the night after the AFC Championship game. Considering that we had current Patriots players on schedule to attend that played a huge part in the media coverage the night of the event. Key element number two is being opportunistic! The fact that the Pats were hot coming off an AFC Championship win made attending the event that much more important for the media. We knew this was our chance to really seal the deal. The morning of the event we circled back through the entire media process to be sure reporters and broadcasters knew this was the place to be to catch some front line players.

Every PR pro knows that the day of an event can either be the most chaotic time or everything can run as smooth as Brady’s short game. Yes – every little detail may not be in your control, but how you manage the ones that are makes all the difference…as they say, in the end the game is played on the field. Key element number three is organization and execution. We did a great job in getting multiple broadcast, print, and online media to attend the event. The big challenge was keeping everyone’s schedules in order and staying organized throughout the entire night. We had strict times that certain interviews needed to take place, and it was our job to make sure we got those people in front of the camera to highlight the event.

Former Patriot Tedy Bruschi handles multiple media interviews like a champ! (Photo by Derek Wilmot, ©Derek Wilmot Photography)

All in all, our constant communication throughout the entire process combined with preparation, being opportunistic and our superb organizational skills led to complete success of an amazing event that benefited a cause driven foundation.


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