YouTube, YouAds…YouKnow?


YouTube’s most recent endeavor has them pitching advertisers to exclusively sponsor YouTube Original Series.  This initiative would take original programming from being solely based on broadcast or cable to be strictly on YouTube…not just repeats or clips. With this idea YouTube would use big stars to draw in advertisers and views to the interactive big screen.  Advertisers get the ability to have an exclusive sponsorship of the program therefore owning advertising property on YouTube.  Exciting, right?

At first glance this seems like a natural progression of television in the digital age, but it’s actually much bigger than simply bringing together TV and the internet.  If this really catches on it would be quite a turn of events for media planners/buyers.  If an advertiser could truly buy interactive television advertising (assuming it has the same popularity as shows we watch today on broadcast or cable), media planners would then be able to utilize the benefits of being online. Selecting the right program and or daypart would evolve into something more…they would be able to target an audience by a certain behavior.

For example, Honda would have the ability to their ads to viewers who recently searched for new or used car online.  Orbitz could utilize remarketing to make sure that 5 days after you booked your flights to Aruba they were running TV ads for hotel or car rentals during your favorite television program. Talk about big brother!  All your interactive behavior would begin to work in synch.

I’m not entirely convinced the general public is willing to allow advertisers to have this much accessibility at the risk of becoming too invasive.  Advertisers, on the other hand, would probably be very interested in seeing this initiative move forward.   Today more and more clients want the ability to measure traditional advertising in the same way that we measure interactive.   As for advertising professionals this would certainly be beneficial to help develop even more targeted media plans to reach the most qualified consumers for their clients.

Could this be the next “big thing”?



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