Always have your victory dance ready


Hockey Fever is in full effect in Massachusetts. The Boston Bruins are just one game away from winning their first Stanley Cup since 1972 and Boston fans could not be more excited for this historic event [Editor’s Note: in case you missed it…they won]. It is my pleasure to write about two loves in my life; The Boston Bruins and Advertising.

Since moving to Boston five years ago, I have increasingly become a bigger, crazier, and best of all more loyal fan to the Bruins. I owe part of that to their incredibly hilarious and also truthful advertising campaign, The Bruins Hockey Rules. The campaign includes a series of posters and billboards across Boston and television commercials that outline what not to do as a fan of Bruins hockey. The rules include proper TD Garden etiquette with “Never leave early to beat traffic;” wardrobe directions such as “Never tuck in your Bruins jersey;” and best of all, a true lesson to live by, “Never date within the division.” These pointers may seem simple and totally obvious to fans, but on a broader scale the reason we love this campaign is because it takes us back to Advertising 101.

If you’re a Bruins fan, a Canucks fan or you don’t follow sports much at all this campaign still connects with you in some way. We’ve all experienced incidents such as these at one point or another. “You fall for someone, discover something about them that could cause friction with friends and family, and then decide to hang in there for superficial reasons. Until a giant bear knocks the beer out of your hands.” And isn’t that just a basic principle of advertising? You must connect with your audience, making your brand resonate in their daily lives. With this campaign, the Boston Bruins have shot the basics out of the rink. They walked through the market in the shoes of their customers, learned what plagued them the most, and ultimately identified a solution; the Bruins Hockey Rules.

So if you take anything from this other than a prompt to YouTube the Bruins Hockey Rules, take with you the value of getting back to basics. I see highly creative, artistic work every day in every type of media and half of the time it’s so out there I’m not even sure what their selling. If you connect with your audience, spend some time in their shoes, and deliver a solution to a common need you are sure to see positive results. And it can be as simple as that.  In closing, I put it to you Bruins fans, to pray the Bruins get back to basics: Pass, Shoot, and Score… a lot! And of course, “always have your victory dance ready.” 


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