Get fit and get rewarded….


Would you go to the gym if you knew you could earn a $50 gift card?  Better yet would you work out and login with multiple mobile applications for gift certificates?  Everyone can agree that getting yourself to the gym consistently is more than half the battle — and similarly, companies continue to struggle with convincing consumers to use mobile apps on a regular basis.

Luckily, the folks at understand how challenging it can be to get motivated to work out and to “check in” to FourSquare, so they’ve developed an app that rewards you for getting in shape and staying social.  The app is unique in that it encourages the use of fitness trackers/ location based apps (Nike+, fitbit, FourSquare) and offers points for workouts you track. gives users a tangible reason to employ multiple applications on a repeat basis…and for those of you who haven’t “checked in” to a location since you first downloaded FourSquare (like me), this may just be the incentive you need to re-engage location based apps.

Rewarding for use could be a slippery slope, but the cross promotion of other applications brings out a whole new arena for mobile device applications.  With over 350,000 apps out there for the iPhone alone, this business model for cross promotion could be the key to mobile app success.


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