We deliver what your iPhone can’t


Here at Needham’s finest PR, advertising, and media strategies firm, we like to think big.  It’s not uncommon to hear comments about which of us will be heading up the Miami or Tokyo offices when they open in a couple years, and with the revolution in information and communication technologies over the past few years we will all still be able to stay connected though we span the earth.

We’re not waiting, either. If a client is based in another state or is traveling around the world, Skype helps us keep in touch.  We utilize remote facilities and talent to record, edit, produce, and distribute podcasts for internal and external audiences.  Our computers are decked out with webcams and microphones, the cloud helps us share work from any location, and each client has our cell phone numbers in case any issues arise while we are away from our desks.  These are all great tools, but humans have evolved over millennia to communicate face to face, not, as increasingly happens, mediated by some piece of technology.

But even if we are on the phone with a client once a day and firing emails back and forth a couple times an hour, we still make the time to go out and make a personal visit every few weeks.  As our website says, we want to keep the personal touch that often goes missing in this crazy, mixed up, text-me-now-and-love-me-later world.

It’s not just because we are a friendly bunch.  David Brooks’ column on Tuesday noted that “University of Michigan researchers brought groups of people together face to face and asked them to play a difficult cooperation game. Then they organized other groups and had them communicate electronically. The face-to-face groups thrived. The electronic groups fractured and struggled.”

Having face to face meetings is important, whether you teach at a university, work at a communications firm, or just carry on with family and friends.  Even ancient religions are making use of the latest technology – the Pope has a Facebook app and the Dalai Lama has a Twitter account –  but they are striking a cautionary note as well.  Pope Benedict recently said social media was “a great opportunity” that opens up “an entirely new world of potential friendships”  but also warned that it “is important always to remember that virtual contact cannot and must not take the place of direct human contact with people at every level of our lives.”

In a world where you can check your girlfriend’s Facebook status without ever taking your eyes off the road, it’s helpful to remember that sometimes all it really takes is a handshake and a smile.  Not only will it make for stronger interpersonal relationships, but it will probably save you money on your auto insurance.


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