Advertisers looking for a touchdown in 2011


After the devastating loss for us New England fans this past weekend, it hardly seems right to talk about the Super Bowl – but in the advertising world, it is a hot topic every year.  AdAge reported last year’s game contained 48 minutes worth of ads and network promotions, and with GM and Pepsi coming back from a two year Super Bowl hiatus, we could see more advertising than ever before on February 6th.

Not only are those major brands back in the mix, but BMW is also returning after ten years, as well as CareerBuilder after five, and they are both going full force. According to BMW’s mar-comm manager, “BMW is in the window of our biggest launch period in history and the Super Bowl gives us the stage to make that big impact.” Not only is BMW looking for a touchdown with this top dollar buy, but Best Buy and Pizza Hut are this year’s rookies, both advertising during the game for the first time.

So what does all of this mean? Well, it means things are looking up. We are no longer hearing about the huge Super Bowl advertising cuts and we can once again look forward to our favorite brands stepping it up for the big game. Of course, we cannot all afford to buy Super Bowl advertising, but I take this as a sign of good things to come in 2011. So for now, we’ll watch and take note for 2012 — when clients air the game’s final commercial for excited fans before Tom Brady throws the game winning touchdown.


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