Print media comes out swinging


Print media is rolling out an ad campaign to promote itself, which is admirable — and we applaud the industry for finally taking its cue from this blog (Where is the Newspaper Survival Coalition?).  As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the campaign is being led by Time Warner’s Time Inc., Hearst, Advance Publications’ Condé Nast, Wenner Media and Meredith.  The article quotes Wenner Media head Jan Wenner, who noted that “a lot of us sat back for way too long and listened to all this abuse and said nothing about it. Meanwhile, we sit on top of one of the greatest mediums.”

The campaign (see below image) smacks of irony on a number of different levels, and while we’re big proponents of keeping print media around we do take issue with some of the messages being put forth.  How about: “The Internet is fleeting. Magazines are immersive.”  The Internet is fleeting in the same way driving a car or eating breakfast are fleeting…these things only last a short time, but we do them every day without even thinking about them.

Perhaps that’s the point, but it’s not a good one. We now have to think about picking up print media – to be honest, I personally get a palpable rush when I open up a newspaper or magazine.

Also, the $90 million ad campaign will be scattered across 1,400 pages in the various magazine.  Yes, good to create a brand, but how effective will it be to have these ads run in print media, where the only audience  they’ll reach is the one they’ve already got? The real momentum of the initiative may well come from the awareness generated by talking about the coalition and the campaign in other channels.

Poking holes in the effort is fun, but in truth we’re interested to see how this plays out and what next steps will be put in play.


2 Responses to “Print media comes out swinging”

  1. Larry Says:

    You’re ahead of the curve on this subject to be sure. It seems to me that the best way to execute this program would be to take the fight to the enemy’s camp and use social media to, as your say “talking about the coalition and the campaign in other channels.”

    Well done!

  2. Time to change partners « Says:

    […] third straight quarter.  This despite a seemingly brilliant (sarcasm) campaign launched in 2010 to lure readers back to print media by running cool ads in…well…print media.  Yeah, that didn’t work.  Silver […]

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