I could watch stuffed animals come to life all day long…


I could.  And so could many other people.  The question is what do four stuffed animals coming to life (see below clip) deliver for brand strategy? It seems that more and more national companies are displayed in campaigns that leave me wondering…why?  Why would a beaver playing a fiddle affect one’s job search?  Or how a Hamster plays a role in launching a new car?

These ads aren’t designed to make us go out and buy a car or take immediate action, these ads are conversation starters.  The mere fact that I can recall all three ads above is proof that these companies met their creative goal.  With media traffic at all time high, we’re now in an era of creating content in an effort to embed brands into our everyday interactions and ultimately raise brand recognition.  With the viral impact provided by YouTube and blogs (like this one, I suppose), well conceived creative that is more about entertainment than brand proposition goes a lot farther.  These creative directors are on to something, eh…?

And for my own viewing pleasure:


One Response to “I could watch stuffed animals come to life all day long…”

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    […] are looking for recommendations. This may explain why some brands, online and off, are turning to entertainment, also known as conversation starters, rather than showcasing their products features and […]

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