Getting mobile


I remember sitting in my wood paneled station wagon with my family back in the mid 90’s, calling my mother on her cell phone from ours on what seemed to be a device that was 6 inches thick and 1 foot long. That was the first and only call made on that particular cell phone, as we soon realized that each call cost over a dollar per minute.

On that day we had no way of knowing that in just a decade’s time, over 1.4 million people would have substituted landlines for cell phones, and more than 350 billion text messages monthly would be sent worldwide on devices no larger than my hand. (.Com Marketing)

The growing popularity of mobile technology spawned the opportunity for businesses to capitalize on the boom. Today products like the iPhone and the Blackberry have the capability to receive mobile marketing messages from companies via MMS as video, text, or audio — a new channel for organizations to generate additional brand awareness by enabling users to subscribe to RSS feeds or elect to be notified of specials relating to their favorite restaurants or store openings.

Advertisers have also found their way into the very applications that are downloaded by users, a tactic known as “in-game mobile marketing.” The technology gives advertisers the ability to directly channel messages and, on the user end,  lets phone owners get fully linked with their topics of interest.

From a marketing perspective, I am excited to see how organizations will take next steps to capitalize on the growing popularity of these devices. I strongly believe that with the expansion of capabilities with mobile technology, mobile marketing will continue to increase in importance as a valid trend in 2010, perhaps even  breaking through to professional services marketing.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep waiting with baited breath for the “Flux Capacitor” or “Teleportation Station” app that will no doubt be on the next model as a result of these technological advances.


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