Twitter Drift


The polar bear is Twitter. Get it?

I’m coining a new phrase: Twitter Drift.  Go ahead, everyone start using it…wait….wait….ok, now!

It’s what I’ve been doing – and what by some accounts Twitter itself is doing – when I wander through the application without strategy or a real grasp on its relevance, especially to financial services companies.

Then I ran across this opinion piece on CNBC that wonders about the tool’s longevity.  The down and dirty:

…it seems as though Twitter is running the serious risk of so many dot com deaths that came before it: Trying to identify a market for its service after it’s already in business, rather than identifying an unmet market need and going after it.

The current generation’s Industrial Revolution has really been a Communications Revolution.  We thought flying cars, maybe, or teleportation, but the Big Ideas have been about advancing the way we distribute our message, whether as individuals or companies.  It’s in that light that Twitter seems so right, and yet so aimless.  A 140-word snapshot immediately sent to everyone who cares about what I have to say?  That has to be brilliant.  Somewhere.  Somehow.

But is it? Or given the explosion of like-minded devices and applications, is it simply redundant?  And perhaps most telling, I’m asking these questions three years into the Twitter Age…shouldn’t we know by now?

Jury’s deliberating.  In the meantime, feel free to follow me as I try to figure it out.  Could be entertaining.


One Response to “Twitter Drift”

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