Thought leadership at work – EZG client gains industry recognition


We don’t like to get too deep into our clients’ activities in this space, but it’s hard not to call attention to a great article by Britton Manasco, a believer in thought leadership as the most credible PR strategy and a guest writer for RainToday, a leading professional services marketing newsletter.  Britton did a brilliant writeup on the power of thought leadership, and in the process called out EZG client MFA-Moody, Famiglietti & Andronico for their forward-thinking marketing program.

We take great pride in the fact that together with MFA’s talented internal team, we have over the years built a reservoir of thought leadership that not only supports the CPA firm’s growth goals, but is setting the bar high in the world of professional services marketing.  As Britton writes:

Considering the turbulent state of the economy and trepidation of today’s buyers, the premium on trust is higher than ever…prospects are unlikely to become clients unless a high level of trust has been established, particularly in this economy. By presenting compelling perspectives and backing them up with convincing evidence, thought leaders become trusted authorities and earn the confidence of their prospective clients and other market influencers.

Words we live by, work by, and achieve success on our clients’ behalf by.  We now salute MFA with our remaining good hand, as yet unbroken from patting ourselves on our own collective back.


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