Evening paper by Kindle-light

Apologies for the sporadic posting – sleep deprivation is getting the better of me (Note to reader AZ: you do still win in that category).

Worth checking in to discuss the plight of the Boston Globe, which is being issued all kinds of ultimatums by its New York Times parent. I already argued that there’s little chance that Boston – perhaps the country’s primary center of innovation and education — will be the first city to have no newspaper of record. I stand by that.

That said, the Globe isn’t taking a lot of public steps towards solving its problem. Other than negotiating labor demands, there has been no revelation around its business model or content delivery that would advance its cause.

A interesting suggestion comes out of Media Nation, which wonders if Kindle could replace print and save newspapers the cost of running the presses. Lower overhead, more planet-friendly, and cutting edge…plus, there’s a great sci-fi plotline in there somewhere.

Seems far fetched, but guess what? It’s closer than you think. Check out this concept clip from Newsboy. The big deal is not the functionality, which (amazingly) is already out there…it’s the design revealed at the end of the video that’s jaw dropping – and makes it seem like this may well be the direction in which newspapers should head:


2 Responses to “Evening paper by Kindle-light”

  1. mensley Says:

    We are getting much closer to the Googlezon EPIC prediction from a number of years ago….

    There was a great blog by Seth Godin awhile back about how readers want only 2 cents of the cost of delivering a paper – the other 98 cents of delivering a paper is spent on sections (and circulars) that most people ignore. While it will be sad to see newpapers potentially disappear, it is clear that they need to rethink some of their delivery business models.

  2. Kindle lessons from future me « Says:

    […] this mean for PR and advertising? Its e-reader time will come.  I wrote earlier this year about an e-reader design in concept stage that blew me away.  When e-reader technology breaks away from the Amazon monopoly, content will […]

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