Quick case study: Kindle marketing the marketer

It was time to join Twitter, but so far I’m wrestling with the value. Will certainly give it a chance, though.

From a marketing perspective, the Twitter trap became clear pretty fast: here we have a whole new world of targeted cold-calling. On Friday, I tweeted —

Tangent: really? “Twitter” and “tweet”…this lingo is the best we can do? I was always embarrassed to order McNuggets because it sounded so infantile and senseless (yes, even as I child I was appalled by the degradation of language). Then the web came and we somehow landed on Blog for web log and now Twitter, tweet? Hulu? What’s going on?!

— on Friday, I tweeted that I saw a Kindle (there’s another one!) in action and while I’m a paper book purist I couldn’t help but think it was tremendously cool. Within minutes, a representative from Kindle appeared to follow me on Twitter and offer me deals on Kindle merchandise. Is this the age of the Quickdraw Guerrilla Marketing? QGM…Did I just coin a text-able acronym?

Twitter appreciation: 0
Twitter skepticism: 1


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