Wearing my brand on my sleeve

Holy %^$*…this is not a tech blog, so a little left of center here. But one could argue that this will alter media A to Z, including how information and messaging are disseminated. The future is now…?

There are obviously a slew of practical and ethical issues surrounding this kind of technology, but there is no doubt if it comes to fruition it will present enormous opportunities on both sides of the gadgetry. For the consumer, the easy access to information has incredible allure (funny that Ms. Maes points out what a tremendous hassle it would be for us to take our phone out of our pocket in order to gather data on a person or product…I’m sure Everyman circa 1982 would disagree).

For the marketer, it leapfrogs over conventional social networking and online interface by a light year. Imagine attending a speaking engagement and being able to research the speaker and all their published works in the moment. Or playing “six degrees” as you shake someone’s hand for the first time.

Crazy, crazy stuff.


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