A call to action for thought leaders

The last week has been riddled with banner headlines and pundits announcing the fall of the financial system as we know it, and while it’s been mostly frightening there is a beautiful, angelic silver lining: the media is actually reporting the news instead of creating it. On the 24 hours news networks, in national newspapers and community rags alike, the standard of recent days has been to simply report what’s occurring. Watch, listen, and tell.

This brings news journalism back to its core and opens up a world of opportunity for thought leaders to do their thing. Finance professionals who understand the impact of the ongoing events and where they might lead would be wise to step up and start talking.

I had one contact in the financial sector tell me all marketing efforts are on hold until the crisis is sorted out — I disagree strongly with this stance. Prioritize clients, of course, but seize the moment to be more public with your knowledge. This is not a selfish act; nor is it greedily opportunistic…it’s just smart. This is when people need your insight most, and they will remember you and your brand for it in the future.

In fact, a client of mine (MFA – Moody, Famiglietti & Andronico) recently posted a podcast that advises aggressive movement while the economy is in flux. Standing still leads nowhere, and both businesses and their end customers benefit a lot more from activity than stagnation.

So allow me to voice a call to action for thought leaders: don’t sit idle during this frenetic time. Get out there.



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