Investors Get Savvy with Social Media

Awhile back I touched on the toehold that social media has in the VC world, and they continue to win gold (hey – an Olympic metaphor, only two weeks late!) by staying ahead of the professional services game with industry-focused tools.

In its write-up of Angelsoft’s new release for the investment community, Techcrunch gives a nice overview of 3.0. In effect, the product offers solutions to the conundrum of what the hell the business community is supposed to do with things like Digg.

The answer is: nothing. Not as currently consituted, anyway. But with a little creativity, repackaging and a solid understanding of the industry, Angelsoft is taking consumer market applications and giving them intelligent places in professional services. To wit, from Techcrunch:

Angelsoft 3.0 also added a Digg-like feature, which lets investors rate their existing portfolio companies based on the success of each startup. Based on the rating, the most viable startups should rise to the top, letting other investors know that it’s worthwhile investing in the firm when entrepreneurs look to increase funding.

Search engines, ratings systems, and news aggregators are a pretty good leap forward as investors look to get more effective by participating in an online community. A controlled dialogue make sense, and it’s only a matter of time before a kind of next-stage interaction is built into the framework.


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