SEC invites corporate blogs to the big dance


Press releases, we hardly knew ye. Well, I suppose it’s a little premature to write the obituary of the most widely used (and misused) instrument in traditional public relations, but forthcoming guidelines from the SEC indicate that under some circumstances blogs will be given the same regulatory standing when it comes to disclosure statements.

Techcrunch delves into the topic here, with a couple of interesting points:

Picture a blog post that announced corporate data (not unlike a standard financial press release) but now, along with a custom video hosted from YouTube, supporting graphs and exec images funneled from flickr, pre-recorded audio podcasts/conferences piped in from iTunes, packaged market data sourced from Docstoc, related company and landscape stories and public commentary linked from Delicious.

We have some work to do to get there, but future disclosures could come with all-encompassing data and personality built in. That’s as cool as the other side of the pillow.

Let’s bring this home to the evolution of media and thought leadership. As blogs continue to develop in the corporate and journalistic spaces, traditional PR tools are dependent upon online media for any further evolution. Embedded multimedia, search engine optimization, distribution networks…effective use of these advances is based solely on our ability to adapt to the new environment.

So will we grow flippers? Only time will tell. But yes, probably.


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