World Powers Unite…on Twitter and YouTube?


Speaking of microblogging, raise your hand if you knew that Britain’s Prime Minister Twitters. It’s most likely a staffer, but even so there is no other word for this than: wow. BusinessWeek notes the practice on their Blogspotting site, so thanks to them for more solid online media information.

In her post, Heather Green wonders whether a Twitter account will help Gordon Brown’s ratings, but I think there are more salient questions to ask: how long can the PMs office keep the Tweet, as they say (or as I say, starting right…now)? Will this be a strategy that alters the professional applications of the tool and trickles down to the business landscape? I’ve posited before that communication innovation starts with “the youths,” is quickly adopted by consumer markets, jumps to politicians, then finally makes its way to professional services. Perhaps the UK will bring more relevancy to microblogging…?

It shouldn’t go unnoticed that Brown’s office is not kidding around when it comes to online media. The YouTube page says it all, and while this might invite a good dose of humiliation it certainly promotes an openly communicative environment. Here is Brown’s current call for thoughts about healthcare:

I was unable to find a similar posting from GW. It’s probably just held up in production


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