Herald cuts staff: print media will all go together


The Boston Globe. The NYT. Tribune. Now the Boston Herald joins the list of traditional media to slash its staff and operations. Here’s an outtake from the Globe’s writeup:

The Boston Herald plans to lay off 130 to 160 employees this summer and outsource its printing to presses in Chicopee and Norwood.

The Herald’s president and publisher, Patrick J. Purcell, disclosed the decision after meeting yesterday with union leaders…[An] attendee, the Herald’s recruitment account executive and the Newspaper Guild of Greater Boston’s president, Brian Whelan, e-mailed this statement to the Globe:

“We are saddened by the loss of jobs for those Herald employees who have worked beside us for decades. We will grieve and move on. The Guild represents more than 180 employees whose work will survive along with the Herald. But the same economic forces that have caused this will continue to challenge the Herald as well as the newspaper industry.”

Surprised? Certainly not. And as a salute to the collectively diminishing medium, I offer this piece of nostalgia (works best if you close your eyes and replace Cold War imagery with that of Fedora-clad reporters huddled for warmth around a flickering pile of Smith Coronas):

Qualifier: Yes, I realize this is exaggerated and morbid, but I couldn’t resist. Frankly, it’s nice to get back to basics and hear someone successfully rhyme “ICBM.”


2 Responses to “Herald cuts staff: print media will all go together”

  1. Leisure Says:

    We’re talking primarily about printers and pringing press operators, are we not? It is safe to assume as least some level of these jobs will be recreated in Norwood and Chicopee, so they are really just moving out of Boston to the burbs, which everyone should do…

  2. Evan Zall Says:

    Thanks for commenting, Leisure –

    You make a good point, although by outsourcing the printing operations the Herald is sacrificing ownership of that process and of the people themselves. That demonstrates a lack of sustainability and is an indicator that editorial staff may be the next group of turtles edging towards the highway…

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