Online journalists who get it


In stark contrast to AP’s sad misadventures, BusinessWeek continues to prove its mettle in the online evolution. In her June 23rd cover story, There Will Be Water, associate editor Susan Berfield chronicles the story of a born capitalist seeking to cash in on the waning supply of water in the Southwest.

This first caught my eye because Telos client Reynders, McVeigh funded a recently released IMAX movie focused on water conservation in that region (Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk). The Business Week article very effectively showed the looming water crisis from the capitalist side of the fence.

Impressed by this convergence of material, I went to post a comment to Susan and was blown away by the intelligent 4-page discussion thread that exploded in response to the story. Even better was Susan’s participation, as she made an appearance to encourage the conversation.

This is the new paradigm: Conversant journalism. Embrace it. Love it. Thank you BusinessWeek.


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    […] way traditional media – it was in fact one of the first and few of the old guard that brought conversant journalism to life.  The editors and writers encouraged real discussion, differing viewpoints, and leaked new […]

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