Associated Press guidelines: backdating ignorance


It turns out that the current Associated Press copyright mess is even sadder than imagined. Even as Jim Kennedy at AP mulls the rules he will submit to bloggers (and presumably enforce via his own militant army of collection agents, which will wear black masks and be above all laws on this earth), we find that this issue of ignorance was already on record.

This Techdirt post (thanks AGR) brings to light the fact that AP has for some time listed prices for citing its articles. The fees range from $12.50 for 5-25 words to $100 for above 250 words. Very nice of them to donate those first four words for free, by the way.

Having been in media for quite some time, I recognize the importance of copyright and the common practice of charging for those rights. This kind of system is, however, not within reasonable bounds. I would also argue that given the online struggle for brand authority, AP should encourage partial reprinting of its content with proper attribution. That will help keep their reputation intact and spur their evolution in the online arena.

But oh, right…too late.


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