Lazy? Or the ubergeneration?


A flurry of unrelated exchanges resulted in a giant question mark floating over my head about the cyclical nature of generational skepticism. Man, that’s a good sentence isn’t it?

1. A colleague wondered aloud to me about the next generation’s willingness to go the extra mile, and we agreed on the possibility that easy access to information was a danger area for those born with less than presidential ambition. “Research” is all too often comprised of two Google searches sandwiched around a break to surf. That kind of superficial insight sometimes suffices, but rarely does it lead to actionable and defensible information.

2. This post from TechCrunch (courtesy of TD), which highlights the integration of YouTube with Google Maps to give a sort of video yellow pages feel to business listings. An interesting idea, but one of the first things that comes to mind is the potential to be overwhelmed with 30-second video clips.

Now to the overarching point: I recall how much flak the “MTV Generation” took (dating myself there, I know). We were labeled no good, lazy idiots who could only sit still for three minute Aerosmith clips at a time.

So here we sit today with the same furrowed brow as we watch the next generation fly through their days site by site.

A client once quipped that effective leaders watch life like a cineplex, with 10 screens going at once. If they don’t take that approach, they can only focus on one direction at a time…and they’d better like what’s playing.

So we’ve come full circle: lazy? Or too smart to focus?

In a media-centric profession, managers face the challenge of fusing their younger employees’ ability to process quickly with the need to dig deeper and turn their findings into strategic action. Food for thought, or at least observation.


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