Corporate blogging with quiet confidence


While not really an answer to where professional services blogs go for traffic flow, I came across this info from a study on B2B marketing by Junta42 and B2B Magazine. Content has been considered crucial — especially in the B2B software industry — for years, so much of this is not earth shattering. However, it was worth posting that blogs made a nice strong appearance in this handy summary chart:

See?! Right there in the middle, 28% of 150 surveyed indicated they produce blogs as part of their marketing effort. Admittedly, these respondents are marketing professionals and possibly more in tune with the impact of blogs as one of several elements to a strong thought leadership program. Still, it counts.

Also interesting to see online video surpassing podcasts, a trend that continues to gather momentum since this earlier post.

Just days ago, a colleague asked of me, “I thought corporate blogs were dead…?”

You know who are. And: “No.”


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