The blog survey treehouse: "No Professional Services Allowed"


Interesting numbers on driving traffic through various outlets and search engines (thanks LC) here. In short, the most prominent drivers are Google search (no surprise) with social networks as a distant second.

What isn’t clear is the breakdown in topic or industry – and the major stumbling block from a professional services slant is right there in the post title: “Where Bloggers Get Their Biggest Levels of Traffic.” It’s that word, Bloggers, that loses me a little. A little all-encompassing.

It’s a different world outside the consumer and tech space, in this case it might even be assumed that professional services are not included in the fun (or make up a small percentage of the respondents). Of course, that lack of segmentation is one price professional services firms pay for being late adopters.

All judgments aside, I’m left wondering if there are stats out there on driving traffic in the professional services world? Betting that Google is still on top, and more importantly wondering if social networks have as much influence. As far as I’m concerned, that would be a key indication that networks are breaking down some important barriers…


2 Responses to “The blog survey treehouse: "No Professional Services Allowed"”

  1. parrothead40 Says:

    Did you include that link to the TV Guide photo just to see if anyone was paying attention? You’re too funny! I don’t have it at my fingertips, but gimme some time and I’ll find that article you’re looking for – you gotta have faith in the blogosphere!

  2. Evan Zall Says:

    If I can combine business and a photo of Sinbad once a year, I know I’ve done some good in this world.

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