And about those social networks…


Follow-up on the last post (and Lord knows there could be 800,000 follow-ups to something like that), here’s a post from BlogWrite for CEOs that showcases two entertaining takes on social media. In case you don’t have the attention span or freedom to watch a 5-minute video, I’ll summarize: one is a great comic portrayal of the 20-somethings’ immersion in social networking and their inevitable waning of interest, the second is a rudimentary metaphor that tries to explain (with moderate success) the essence and potential of the medium.

Both of them are worth watching, and both of them give a sense of why we’re not there yet. First, to be ingrained in corporate culture social networking has to break free from the slacker, escapist tag it’s been saddled with. Second, mid-sized businesses have trouble imagining how these tools can be effectively corralled (note: I didn’t say control…stop putting words in my mouth).

I dig the comic video, so I’ll repost it here just for kicks:


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